Scout for the iPhone: BirdDog

Shawn Veader of V8 Logic has released BirdDog , an iPhone application for Scout. The app is on sale for $1.99 through Thursday . With BirdDog, you can track the health of servers you are monitoring with Scout . BirdDog provides an alert history for each server, highlighting any active ... Read more

A Holodeck for deployments?

Recently I watched the documentary miniseries When We Left Earth . A constant theme from early space flight was the huge number of unknowns. For example, before the first astronaut went into orbit, NASA had concerns humans would lose their vision and wouldn’t be able to swallow in zero gravity. ... Read more

So, what do you do?

I was back in Michigan a few weeks ago visiting family. These trips always involve a “what do you do?” question at some point. I’m never sure how to answer. “I have a startup.” Honestly, I don’t think of Scout as a startup. Scout is a business built the old-fashion ... Read more

Scout is Getting a New Load Balancer

We are in the process of replacing our hardware load balancer with an HAProxy setup. We plan on making the switch tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 8/24) at 4:30pm PST . We are not expecting any downtime, and you shouldn’t experience any service interruption. As a result of the switchover, the ... Read more

Monitoring MongoDB

Updated 3/21/2013 – The MongoDB Overview plugin discussed below has been split into 2 separate plugins: MongoDB Server Status and MongoDB Database Stats . The server status plugin reports global MongoDB metrics and the database stats plugin reports metrics specific to a particular database. John Nunemaker of Ordered List knows ... Read more

The Page Load Paradox

The irony is that, with broadband nowadays more or less everywhere, overall connection speeds have gone up by leaps and bounds, yet the time taken to load web pages seems only to have got longer. - World Wide Wait , The Economist, Feb. 12 2010 For more than 40 years, ... Read more

There's Scout in my Safari

The smart folks over at Rails Machine are always quick on the draw. Still, we were impressed when developers Will Farrington and Mike Skalnik had a working Safari 5 extension for Scout within 24 hours after Safari 5 extensions were announced. I pinged Will for the scoop: What does the ... Read more

Small Teams Need Redundant Skills

If you’re running a small company, it’s absolutely key that you have redundant skills on your team. Does that seem counter-intuitive? Isn’t the typical pairing a business guy and a technical guy ? In our experience, you’re far better off with two technical guys . The redundancy is key if ... Read more

Win a free Scout account at the Red Dirt Ruby Conference website

UPDATED 4/29 – We’ve got 5 winners! Answers inline… The Red Dirt Ruby Conference is hitting all of the things we like about regional Ruby conferences – a capped attendance, emerging technologies important to Ruby developers, great speakers, and plenty of opportunities to hack with other Ruby developers. We’re sponsoring ... Read more

Is your Rails app under-provisioned?

You maintain a growing Rails application and you’re seeing something peculiar. Sometimes when you use the application, it feels like the performance deteriorates significantly. However, all of your performance data shows no issues – requests in the Rails log file look speedy, CPU utilization is fine, database performance is solid, ... Read more

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