Django Application Monitoring (APM) with StatsD

This post covers instrumenting a Django app with StatsD. StatsD is logging for metrics and is the missing swiss army knife in your measurement toolbelt. Read more

Finding and fixing N+1 queries in Django apps

The Django ORM makes it easy to fetch data, but there's a downside: it's easy to write inefficient queries as the number of records in your database grows. Read more

Why put Rust in our Python Monitoring agent?

Prior to adding Python performance monitoring , we'd written monitoring agents for Ruby and Elixir . Our Ruby and Elixir agents had duplicated much of their code between them, and we didn't want to add a third copy of the agent-plumbing code. The overlapping code included things like JSON payload ... Read more

Django & Flask Performance Monitoring

7/31/18 Update: See how Scout monitors a real-world Django app , tracking SQL queries, deploys, slow requests, and more. GitHub's State of the Octoverse 2017 revealed that Python is now the second-most popular language on GitHub, with 40 percent more pull requests opened in 2017. We couldn't help but notice. ... Read more

A tour of Python monitoring tools

Prior to releasing our Python Performance Monitoring agent, we took a look at the Python ecosystem to see how Scout can compliment the existing landscape. What follows is a summary of our internal report. The Python ecosystem has a wealth of monitoring tools. That said, making sense of each tool's ... Read more

Tutorial: Tracing Python Flask requests with OpenTracing

A transaction trace is a GPS system for web performance: it paints a rich picture of the flow of a web request through your code. So, why doesn't everybody trace? I believe there are two reasons: Complex instrumentation : Adding in-app tracing instrumentation is more involved than calling for ... Read more

Are You Monitoring Your Machine Learning Systems?

We're partnering with FusionCell to survey folks about how they monitor machine learning learning applications. FusionCell's Robert Dempsey joins us today to share some of the personal pain he's faced monitoring machine learning apps. Robert has been helping companies and engineers learn about, build and leverage machine learning systems. When ... Read more

Python Application Monitoring: comparing New Relic and Opbeat

App Overview Below is the initial page you see when checking on the health of your Python app: The contrast in breadth is clear when looking at the app overview page. New Relic has a denser display while Opbeat has a clean, polished look. Some thoughts: The overview chart - ... Read more

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