Why put Rust in our Python Monitoring agent?

Prior to adding Python performance monitoring , we'd written monitoring agents for Ruby and Elixir . Our Ruby and Elixir agents had duplicated much of their code between them, and we didn't want to add a third copy of the agent-plumbing code. The overlapping code included things like JSON payload ... Read more

A tour of Python monitoring tools

Prior to releasing our Python Performance Monitoring agent, we took a look at the Python ecosystem to see how Scout can compliment the existing landscape. What follows is a summary of our internal report. The Python ecosystem has a wealth of monitoring tools. That said, making sense of each tool's ... Read more

OpenTracing Tutorial: Using Flask Python Requests

A transaction trace is a GPS system for web performance: it paints a rich picture of the flow of a web request through your code. So, why doesn't everybody trace? I believe there are two reasons: Complex instrumentation : Adding in-app tracing instrumentation is more involved than calling logger.info() for ... Read more

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