Introducing free app monitoring for Elixir apps

A year ago, our team started playing with Elixir. We liked it - a lot. In fact, it's the first language we've used since Ruby that we'd unanimously love to build web apps with.

With that, we're excited to announce BETA support for Elixir app monitoring @ Scout. Get started for free.

Elixir is a language that any developer should be paying attention to. It can do things traditional object-orientated languages can't. It's very performant for a developer-friendly language. It has mind-blowing concurrency. With those traits, Elixir joins Ruby as an officially supported language at Scout.

elixir app monitoring

The road ahead

We're focusing on monitoring Phoenix apps to start, but our roadmap has plans for non-Phoenix Elixir apps as well. You'll get detailed metrics and traces on your controllers, views, templates, and Ecto queries today. You can easily add your own custom instrumentation for libraries we don't cover yet. Lots more is planned: a developer profiler, monitoring background job libraries like Exq, monitoring Tasks, and more.

We believe Elixir adoption is nearing an inflection point. We'll be moving quickly to support key libraries as the Elixir ecoystem evolves.

Get started on our free plan

Our free plan provides detailed metrics for Elixir apps large and small. There's no reason for an Elixist to go without monitoring.

Questions? Ping us at In your return for your feedback, we'll give you one of our free, wonderfully soft Scout t-shirts.

PS - we've been writing about Elixir on Medium. Here's some of the content from our team: