How popular are you? Find out with Scout

Tracking the results of your blatant self-promotion campaign can be a time-consuming effort. You might be using Google Analytics for web traffic and FeedBurner for blog subscribers. You’re probably checking link referrals. You’re querying the database for usage statistics (user signups, logins, etc.), etc.

Scout is an honest friend that gives it to you straight. Our friendly retriever will track, mash, and graph all of this data in real-time.

For example, below is a graph generated by Scout. It shows the FeedBurner circulation of this blog (in red) vs. unique visits from Google Analytics on our Highgroove homepage (in blue):


It doesn’t look like there’s a huge correlation there. What about unique visitors on PlaceShout (in red) vs. unique visitors on our Highgroove site (in blue)? Data via Google Analytics:


There’s a correlation there. Traffic to PlaceShout appears to drives traffic to Highgroove.

Currently, 3 Scout Plugins exist for grabbing external data:

Seeing this data is extremely useful for answering questions that take quite a bit of work to find out manually (and can’t be updated in real-time):

The great thing about these reports is they don’t require any updates – Scout continually grabs new data and updates the graph.

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