Configuring OpenTelemetry in Ruby

OpenTelemetry is enabling a revolution in how Observability data is collected and transmitted. See our What Is OpenTelemetry post on why this is an important inflection point in the Observability space. In this post, we’ll walk through how to configure the OpenTelemetry Gems within a Rails app. Read more

What is OpenTelemetry and Why is Scout All In?

What is OpenTelemetry and how does it play into the observability marketplace? How does OpenTelemetry work and how will Scout use this project in the future? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this latest blog post by CTO Dave Anderson. Read more

Python Performance Measurement Tools

Python performance measurement tools help us to identify performance bottlenecks in our app. This allows us to focus on the business login as opposed to writing custom code, setting it up with our app, and then figuring out whether the results are accurate enough. These tools are well tested by the open source community and used by many companies to measure the performance of their web apps. Read more

6 Alternatives to Sentry Error Monitoring

Sentry is an error-handling tool that focuses on crashes and logging, but it's not the right tool for everyone. Check out these 6 alternatives to Sentry to consider for monitoring your application. Read more

Stackify vs. New Relic vs. Scout | APM Tool Comparison

There are a lot of monitoring tools on the market to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for your business? Check out this comparison of 3 top tools on the market: Stackify, New Relic and Scout. Read more

The Business Case for Docker Adoption

In this post, we look at what gives Docker the edge over other virtualization technologies, their impact on businesses across the world, and why migrating your application to a container setup could be the best thing you could do for it. Read more

End-User Monitoring: How it Can Impact Your Business

If your business is an online one, it's critical to understand your application’s impact on its users. One of the best ways to monitor the behavior of your end users is end-user monitoring. In this article, we discuss how perfect end-user monitoring can help your business in many ways and how you can implement end-user monitoring in your application. Read more

SOA vs. Microservices: A Head-to-Head Comparison

This article walks you through the differences between SOA and Microservices architecture and suggests situations suitable for using either of them. Read more

How to Use the Delegate Method in Rails

What is Delegation and how do you properly use it in Ruby? This article will look at how delegation works and the various programming constructs that Ruby provides to facilitate easy and robust delegation. Read more

How Automated Application Monitoring Saves Time and Money

Whether developing software or testing it, almost every part of application lifecycle management is reliable on the human workforce. But some parts like monitoring, tracking, and alerting can be automated using some latest software. Learn more about how automated monitoring saves time and money! Read more

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