Updates to memcached, nginx monitoring

Colin Surprenant did some quality GitHub forking today, enhancing the monitoring for memcached and nginx . The memcached stats plugin reports the following data: Current connections Current data MB Evictions Get count Get hits Get misses Max data MB Set count Total items ...and alerts you if the plugin can’t ... Read more

See Scout's big changes at Golden Gate Ruby Conference and RailsConf

It’s been almost a year since we launched Scout , and over the past couple of months, we’ve been working on a big new release. We’ll be showing off Scout’s new features at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference on April 17th and 18th and at RailsConf on May 4th-7th. Hope ... Read more

Hardware Upgrade - Downtime 3pm-3:30pm

A quick note that we are continuing our hardware upgrades, and we’ll have downtime from 3pm-3:30pm PST today, February 12. Read more

Scout reviewed in French

If French suites you better than English (or you just like imagining yourself coding in a Paris coffee shop), Raphaël Emourgeon has penned a  review of Scout in French. Raphaël sums up Scout nicely: Après avoir installé un gem et ajouté une tâche cron sur le serveur à ... Read more

Solving the random Rails performance problem

Last week I uncovered a tricky performance problem on Scout I wanted to share. In seemingly random fashion, when accessing my account home page, the render time was 5-6 seconds – way too slow. Other times, the render time would be far less than a second. Here’s what I did ... Read more

What's in store for 2009 - beyond the numbers

2008 was a year full of numbers – 34% ( fall of the the Dow Jones Industrial Average ), $1.84B ( Apple iPhone revenue ), and $100M ( cost of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony ). But raw numbers are just the start – in 2009, our goal is to ... Read more

Say hey at Merb Day

Merb Day Atlanta – a “one-day, one-track conference for Ruby and Rails developers looking to learn Merb” – is this Saturday and Scout’s extremely proud to be one of its sponsors. Our own Charles Brian Quinn and Matt Todd will be there, taking in the sights, and Matt will also ... Read more

A simple Rails performance tuning workflow

I really like Dan Mange’s workflow for Rails performance tuning : Use curl for benchmarking. It’s good enough (and damn simple). Use the ruby-prof gem along with an optional request parameter so you can profile any action, any time. Dan also does a solid job explaining CPU time and what ... Read more

The 3 pillars of our Rails Monitoring Stack

Life as a cross-dresser must be unnerving. I could buy a wig, put some makeup on my adam’s apple. Buy a skirt. Does a sock-filled bra work for my bosom? With a bit of mood lighting, I might actually look like a woman, but it would be difficult to relax. ... Read more

Scout Checks in on Passenger

The number one requested plugin for Scout has been a Phusion Passenger monitor. I’m happy to report that is now available. Using the new Passenger Monitor plugin , Scout can keep track of Passenger’s VM size, process count, and the amount of private memory it has squirreled away. Aside from ... Read more

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