Scout makes the big screen at Runa

There are lots of things that look great on big, wall-mounted flat screen displays: Halo, Dark Knight, the Super Bowl. How about Scout-generated graphs? Robert Berger , CTO of Runa sent us a picture of their Scout setup. Runa has an LCD screen of Scout graphs positioned above the most-visited ... Read more

When tech startups == closed restaurants

Bootstrapped tech startups are a lot like restaurants started by quality chefs. It’s easy to find restaurants serving award-winning food that fail . There are lots of self-funded startups started by smart developers that either never launch or die a painful death. Writing quality software – just like serving good ... Read more

InfoQ Scout Interview

Robert Bazinet , Community Editor for InfoQ and owner of expens’d recently interviewed my co-founder Andre Lewis . You can find the Q&A below: Scout – Extensible Server and Application Monitoring Andre talks about data security with hosted monitoring, remodeling his bathroom, how Scout fits in with existing tools like ... Read more

Instrument Your Business

Instrument your business. It's like instrumenting your code, but profitable. If you're a developer or a sysadmin, periodic optimization is a fact of life. As more people use your code, you'll see performance issues. Unoptimized use cases bubble up. Systems get strained by continued or heavy use. On the technical ... Read more

Production Server Sysadmin Essentials

~ or ~ Sysadmin Eye for the Dev Guy Developers! You can churn out a Rails or Sinatra app in no time. What about putting it out there in production? Occasionally forget the syntax for crontab or logrotate? Yeah, me too. That's why I wrote up a few essential notes ... Read more

3 competitive advantages of developer-run businesses

Older baseball players typically have plenty of power and discipline but are slow runners with lower batting averages. It’s kind of obvious: as we get older, we get bigger and more patient, but we also get slower. This characteristic even has a name, described as (you guessed it): old player ... Read more

What makes a great developer?

James Gray, lead developer of the Scout Agent, takes a stab at the eternal question “What makes a great developer?” in the latest RailsCoach Podcast Episode . Besides talking about Scout’s blended open-source approach to monitoring, James also talks about The Pomodoro Technique (a time management process), his time at ... Read more

Rackspace & Scout Webinar - Monitoring in the Cloud

A couple of months back when we announced our partnership with the Rackspace Cloud I mentioned that 1 of 5 hosts monitored by Scout is in the cloud. Monitoring in a cloud environment brings some unique challenges. On Thursday, January 21st at 1pm Central I’ll be leading a webinar with ... Read more

Production Rails Tuning with Passenger: PassengerMaxProcesses

Say your Rails application is running in production and it’s getting good traffic, but performance isn’t as good you would like. You’ve already determined that your database is not the bottleneck. What’s your next move? Well, there is a good chance that Passenger’s PassengerMaxPoolSize needs to be adjusted. Read more

Partnership with Rackspace Cloud Computing

In less than two months, we’ve seen strong adoption of Scout’s simple cloud monitoring functionality . 1 of every 5 hosts monitored by Scout is in the cloud . With more movement to the cloud, we’re happy to announce a new partnership with Rackspace Cloud Computing . Rackspace has an ... Read more

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