Graphing Rails Performance With Scout

We’re using Scout, our monitoring and reporting application , to graph the performance of our Rails applications and servers. I’ve uploaded a video that looks at how one of our applications, PlaceShout , impacts the server load and Mongrel memory usage. I also compare PlaceShout’s footprint to another server. Watch ... Read more

How popular are you? Find out with Scout

Tracking the results of your blatant self-promotion campaign can be a time-consuming effort. You might be using Google Analytics for web traffic and FeedBurner for blog subscribers. You’re probably checking link referrals. You’re querying the database for usage statistics (user signups, logins, etc.), etc. Scout is an honest friend that ... Read more

Get notified of slow Rails web requests with Scout

When something bad happens you want to find out about it as quickly as possible. You’re probably notified of uncaught exceptions. What about slow web requests, which can be just as annoying to a user? Find about about slow web requests (and what might be causing them) in near real-time ... Read more

See Scout Run - 2 screencasts added

I’ve added 2 videos to the Scout homepage – they demonstrate 3 things: Installing the Scout client on a remote server is almost too fast Watch the video (1 min 39 sec) One-click plugin configuration (I’m installing the Ruby on Rails Request Monitoring Plugin , so if you’re a Rails ... Read more

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