Rails Machine selects Scout for Performance Monitoring

Rails Machine, one of the first specialized Rails hosting providers, has selected Scout for performance monitoring.

Why Scout? “Scout’s versatility was a key benefit: “the open-source plugins are the killer app of Monitoring,” says Rails Machine CEO Bradly Taylor. “We have so much flexibilty—and we’ll be contributing some great plugins back to the community.”

“With Scout, we have the full picture – Rails, MySQL, CPU, Memory, IO, and Disk Usage – all in one dashboard. You can’t beat that,” said Jesse Newland, Senior Engineer at Rails Machine.

Rails Machine, which recently launched a Managed Hosting offering, finds Scout particularly useful for proactively managing customer accounts. “Scout’s trend detection have more than once caught an application’s jump in memory usage due to RMagick-based image uploads/resizes,” says Newland. “We’ve been able to jump in, restart Apache, and then proposing alternatives to customers. It’s much better than a server running out of a memory minutes later.”

Scout is included with Rails Machine’s new Managed Hosting service which does everything but write the code – from MySQL tuning to backups to performance monitoring. Self-managed customers can request a coupon for a free Basic Scout subscription or $14/off a larger plan. See the announcement on the Rails Machine blog for more details.

From the original five-minute Rails deployment gem, the Rails Machine gem, to Moonshine, an open source configuration management and deployment system, Rails Machine understands automating system administration. Combining Scout’s proactive approach to monitoring with Rails Machine’s encyclopedia-like knowledge-base for scaling Rails apps is a perfect combination for managed hosting.