Scout APM Goes to PyCon 2019, The Cleveland Edition!

This past week some of the Scout team had the opportunity to hang out at PyCon USA in Cleveland.  This was the first time the Scout APM team had attended PyCon.  It was great to spend some time with an awesome swath of the Python community.  With a great booth location situated across the aisle from the innovative and fun Slack booth, we had fun getting to know everyone with a solid amount of traffic heading past our booth over the exhibition days.  

The venue was bright and large with plenty of space to host the talks, tutorials, and keynotes.  Shireen, one of our Customer Support Engineers, who is just starting to learn Python, got a chance to attend the Thursday morning tutorial, First Steps in Web Development With Python and really enjoyed it.  It always amazes me how fast booths are taken up and down during a conference such as this.  Check out the photo below to see what the floor looked like Thursday at 3 pm EDT. By 5:30 PM all of the booths were set up and the exhibition hall was ready to go!

Thursday Afternoon
The before: Thursday, move-in day!

The Booth is Up and Running!
The after: Chris and Shireen at the booth ready to rock!
(You see it’s Cleveland, where the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is so I wanted to create a play on words…..nevermind).

We sincerely enjoyed getting to speak to everyone who stopped by and have a chat about what they were working on.  We are a group of tech lovers and developers of all levels that like nothing more than being able to nerd out over technology.  It made for a great couple days hearing from the folks on the front lines and how Scout could help them.

With a focus on the developer and the development team, we pride ourselves in working to become a staple in your development and production environments.  We want to ensure that we are a tool that you would rather have and not need as opposed to needing it and not having it. Here are some of the best discussion topics that came up at our booth:

Other large amounts of fun were had as some of our attendees engaged in various shenanigans such as trying to figure out how much swag they could bring home.  Did anyone else have teammates who needed to bring an extra bag JUST to transport the amount of free and discounted swag? Or maybe take advantage of Google’s packing cubes?

Possibly one of the best inventions ever.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Shireen Showing off 3 of her 12 pairs of socks
Our own Shireen made it her personal challenge to acquire as many pairs of socks as she could (reaching 12 pairs I believe).  

Thanks for the fun, Cleveland!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the next conference.  We'll see you at PyCon JP 2019 in Tokyo this September - let us know if you'll be there, as we'll have our entire Tokyo-based team on-site.  Beyond that, does anyone have any ideas for some fun things to do in Pittsburgh in 2020? Let us know on Twitter or hit us up at