Scout APM for PHP exits Beta

We are excited to announce the General Availability release of our PHP APM agent. You can now monitor your Laravel applications out of the box, and support for more PHP frameworks is in the works!

Give it a try!

Adding our agent to your Laravel app is simple - just follow the instructions in our documentation. When you add Scout APM to your Laravel app, you’ll be able to automatically see the timings for:


Our PHP agent has many features that point you directly to performance problems and identifies potential areas of improvement, including:

N+1 Insights

Easily identify wasteful and easy to miss N+1 queries in your code.


Slow Query Insights

Surface your consistently slow queries causing performance issues and impacting your end user experience.


Deploy Tracking

Keep track of what version of your code was deployed with Scout's deploy tracking feature. Spot performance differences between code deploys.


Custom Context

Attach additional information to detailed traces so you can have important contextual information about the trace.

Custom Instrumentation

Want to measure specific functions or transactions that are not automatically instrumented out of the box? Use our custom instrumentation to get performance insight into any part of your application.

What’s on the Roadmap?

More Framework Support

Let us know what PHP framework you want to see next by filing or upvoting an existing issue in our GitHub Agent repo.

Background Jobs

We see you, Laravel Queues 👀

Memory Bloat and Object Allocation Tracking

See if any requests trigger memory bloat. Did the bloat happen due to one request, or multiple?

GitHub Integration

See the exact line of code in your transaction traces, including the author, time committed, and a direct link to the file on GitHub.


Error Tracking Integration

See exceptions side by side with your APM metrics - Scout integrates with Sentry, Rollbar, HoneyBadger and Bugsnag.


And more

We're hard at work adding more useful insights to make it even easier to improve performance of your PHP apps!