Scout makes the big screen at Runa

There are lots of things that look great on big, wall-mounted flat screen displays: Halo, Dark Knight, the Super Bowl.

How about Scout-generated graphs?

Robert Berger, CTO of Runa sent us a picture of their Scout setup. Runa has an LCD screen of Scout graphs positioned above the most-visited location of any tech office: the coffee machine.

Robert told me a little bit about Runa's business, and the technology behind it:

Runa is a SaaS for online merchants. Specifically, Runa helps online merchants increase sales by delivering dynamic, personalized promotions to each shopper.

We have many "moving parts" in our infrastructure including HBase / Hadoop, Redis, RabbitMQ, our own Clojure based open sourced distributed system called Swarmiji, as well as several Rails / MySQL stacks.

Scout fits in by providing visibility into key parts of Runa's infrastructure:

We integrate on the merchant's website so we need to know how all those moving parts are doing. We can glance up and see any trends or issues with the LCD Display. I load the charts on multiple tabs in Firefox and use the Auto Toggle Tags Firefox plugin to rotate between the tabs every 15 seconds.

Thanks to Robert for sharing his setup.

If you are having your own Scout 'screening', or just want to share a tip, drop us a note!