Scout <> Rollbar Integration: unifying your stability metrics 🚀

When things are going wrong, the more signals you can view from one screen, the better. Today, we're excited to announce an integration with Rollbar. This brings Rollbar's best-of-breed error monitoring into Scout's performance-focused UI, creating a single source for your stability metrics:

rollbar scout

We display active Rollbar items alongside Scout's performance insights on both your app dashboard and on respective web endpoint and background job screens. We've made it easy to distinguish between new and recurring items: when a new item appears, the item count is filled with an orange background and we indicate the new item with a special annotation.

Setup the Rollbar integration in your app settings. Learn more about this integration in our docs.

Finally, a couple overarching words: we're big believers in best-of-breed solutions at Scout, but also acknowledge that many monitoring solutions don't play well together. This is an integration we're excited about: we think you'll find that viewing Rollbar errors within Scout is a natural extension of our experience. When you need more details, it's easy to navigate to Rollbar.

Give the integration a whirl and let us know what you think.