The 11" MacBook Air: like a good Linux tool

I’ve been tuning Scout’s Apache setup lately. To start, I looked at the output of:

apachectl status

...but this only provides an instant snapshot. I wanted to watch the results over a longer period of time:

watch --interval=1 apachectl status

...but this generates a lot of output and I was only concerned with the number of idle workers. I wanted to make sure there were enough around during peak periods:

watch --interval=1 "apachectl status | grep 'idle'"

Perfect. One line of output and just the bits I cared about:

515 requests currently being processed, 143 idle workers

That’s why I love the Linux toolset: 4 single-purpose commands designed to work together.

My tools outside the terminal have come to resemble those within it. My latest update was a switch to an 11” MacBook Air as my development computer. The Air has limitations – a small screen, weak speakers, etc – but it’s perfect for the core work I do every day. Apps and files open quickly. Search is fast. At 2 lbs, there’s no burden carrying it around.

It’s easy to combine the Air with other tools when I need it to do more: an external monitor for a larger display or an Airport connected to my stereo for great sound.

Linux’s tools are usable by themselves but extendable – the 11” MacBook Air is in the same vein.


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