There's a Slim Linter in your Atom

One of the technical bits I learned when joining Scout was Slim, a lightweight templating engine. I was a quick convert: Slim eliminates boilerplate code while making it easy to "break away" when full HTML markup is needed.

I'm a big fan of Linters, especially when learning a new syntax/language. It's like having a soft code review before the real thing. To assist with my conversion to Slim, I created an Atom package for slim-lint: linter-slim-lint. linter-slim-lint provides a lightweight interface inside of Atom to the output of slim-lint's analysis.

This is what the output of slim-lint looks like in the console:

slim-lint in the console

After wrapping it for use in Atom's linter package, it looks like this:


Why am I using slim-lint as my engine? slim-lint has ongoing and active development, works quite well, is very configurable, and combines a number of different linters in its execution. To top it off, it has seperate editor integrations that people have made (one of which, is of course, linter-slim-lint).


To use the linter-slim-lint package within Atom, make sure you have installed slim-lint, and that it is available in your command line. Then, simply run apm install linter-slim-lint or search for "linter-slim-lint" in the "Install" section of your Atom settings. After installation, linter-slim-lint displays the slim-lint output inline when a Slim template file is opened or saved.