Upgraded Ecto logging hooks to Telemetry in new Agent 0.4.8


Recently the Ecto library released a major update - Version 3.0. As part of the changes, some of the hooks that Scout relied on to capture data have changed. No longer can we hook into Ecto's logging system to extract information about queries being run, and instead we have a proper Telemetry event to listen to.

This is exciting because the Telemetry system lets our agent be less dependent on the exact internals of each library we instrument, and so per-version gotchas will be fewer and further between. We're looking forward to Phoenix's Telemetry hooks, and hopefully this will inspire even more libraries to start exposing them as well.

We've updated our installation documentation to reflect the new approach to instrumenting Ecto. The original style will continue to work for Ecto 2.x.