What we shipped in 2017

In 2017, we focused our engineering time on reducing the painful, time-consuming investigation workflow that comes with fixing performance issues. We think that approach is working: we're now analyzing billions of web requests and background jobs every day.

Here's some of the highlights from 2017:

Database Monitoring

The database is the most common bottleneck for web applications. In the fall, we released our database monitoring addon. The addon provides a high-level view of database activity and fast access to expensive SQL queries and their source code location.


Elixir Support

Elixir is an exciting, developer-friendly functional language that is a great compliment to Ruby. We released an Elixir monitoring agent this past summer to provide code-level insights for Elixir apps.


Daily Performance Digest

In early 2017 we released a performance digest email that works to identify the root cause of slowness - like slow HTTP calls - within the email.

digest email


In the spring we added alerting to Scout, making it easier to proactively respond to app-wide and endpoint-specific symptoms of poor performance.


Keep your feedback coming in 2018. Your suggestions drive our direction.