Node Agent

Scout’s NodeJS agent supports many popular libraries to instrument middleware, request times, SQL queries, and more. The base package is called @scout_apm/scout-apm. See our install instructions for more details.

Source code and issues can be found on our @scout_apm/scout-apm GitHub repository.


@scout_apm/scout-apm requires:

Updating to the Newest Version

yarn upgrade @scout_apm/scout-apm

The package changelog is available here.

Instrumented Libraries

Scout provides instrumentation for:

For all integrations, scout should be required as early as possible:

const scout = require("@scout_apm/scout-apm");

Requiring scout before other dependencies ensures that it is set up for use with your other dependencies. For example Postgres (or some library that depends on pg):

const scout = require("@scout_apm/scout-apm");
const pg = require("pg");

In a Typescript project, if you do not import all of scout, you will need to run setupRequireIntegrations with the packages you want to set up:

import { setupRequireIntegrations } from "@scout_apm/scout-apm"; // alternatively, `import "@scout_apm/scout-apm";`

import { Client } from "pg";

Some configuration required

The libraries below require a small number of configuration updates. Click on the respective library for instructions.

You can instrument your own code or other libraries via custom instrumentation. You can suggest additional libraries you’d like Scout to instrument on GitHub.