ExpressJS Monitoring

Easily monitor the performance of your ExpressJS application with the Scout APM library. Scout automatically monitors the performance of your Controllers and Actions, records detailed transaction traces, and instruments many NodeJS libraries automatically.

Key ExpressJS Monitoring Features

N+1 Query Detection

Active Record makes database ORM super easy. But it also makes it extremely easy for N+1 queries to slip into your code. Scout has you covered by detecting N+1 queries and even listing how much time you could save by fixing them.

Database Query Analysis

Do you know all of the queries your app is making to your database? With Scout, you do. Broken down and sortable by % Time Consumed, Throughput, Mean and 95% Query Time. Select a time period on our charts and we’ll show you which queries increased or decreased during that time compared to the overall duration.

GitHub Integration

Scout collects detailed traces of slow requests and, along with our GitHub integration, shows you the exact line of code responsible for the slow response time.

Deploy tracking

Compare performance data before and after deploys, know which branches were deployed and when.

Detailed Traces

Scout collects timing and performance metrics for every single transaction. In addition to those metrics, we collect detailed traces using a fine-tuned algorithm to select the most interesting transactions each minute.


Alert your team of capacity and performance issues by setting thresholds to alert on overall or endpoint specific metrics.

Digest Emails

Receive daily or weekly digest emails summarizing how your apps are performing, along with highlights of outliers and endpoints which may need developer attention.

Error Integrations

View your performance and error data in one place with our Rollbar, Sentry, Honeybadger, and Bugsnag integrations.

Custom Context

Attach any custom data for context to the requests tracked by Scout. Use our Trace Explorer to search and filter based on that data.

Custom Instrumentation

Gather performance metrics and insights into your own application’s code using our simple Custom Instrumentation methods.

Trace Explorer

Slice and dice the collected detailed traces by Controller-Action name, response time, your own Custom Context, and more. Find your slowest transaction from the last 7 days with just a few clicks.

Configurable APDEX

One size does not fit all. Configure your own APDEX threshold per application.


Scout automatically measures the time the request takes from hitting your load balancer to when it actually gets to your app, indicating if requests are stacking up in the load balancer queue. If QueueTime goes up, it’s time to examine your request capacity.

Key Benefits

  • Performance details on every web endpoint
  • Detailed transaction traces with backtraces
  • Enhanced database query monitoring
  • Detects repeatedly expensive database queries
  • Alerting
  • Deploy Tracking
  • Intelligent performance digest email
  • Embed charts
  • Integrates with GitHub, Sentry, Rollbar, Bugsnag, Zapier, and more.

Supported Frameworks

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