Building AI With Ollama and Django

How to use Ollama library to incorporate AI capabilities into Django applications. Read more

Resque v Sidekiq for Ruby Background Jobs Processing

Review Sidekiq and GitHub’s Resque for Rails background job processing. Compare their impact on your Rails app's resource use, performance efficiency, and scalability. Read more

Scaling Ruby on Rails Using Containerization and Orchestration

Tutorial on Kubernetes deployment with Ruby on Rails. Build highly scalable, resilient enterprise-level applications that can handle increased traffic and workloads. Read more

Testing and Debugging in Django: Advanced Techniques and Tools

How to test and debug Django with advanced techniques like mocking, unit tests, and profiling with django-silk and Django Debug Toolbar with this comprehensive guide. Read more

Authentication and Authorization Using Middleware in Django

How to use middleware for custom authentication and authorization, and integrate third-party libraries (Python Social Auth) and services (Google OAuth) for Django apps. Read more

Scout Monitoring Changelog - April 2024

The Scout Monitoring product changelog for April 2024. Read more

Monorepos: HAL 9000-Approved Code Management and Collaboration

Monorepos are flexible, powerful, and fun to work in—if you know their limitations, discover the solutions, and build one with pride and intention. Read more

Falling Into the Stargate of Hidden Microservices Costs

Microservices might simplify coordination and collaboration at scale, but transform all your hard work into costs that line everyone else’s pocketbook Read more

Monoliths: A Space Odyssey to Better Developer Experience

Default monolithic apps are often phased out in favor of decoupled and containerized microservices architectures, but what if you built one with intention? Read more

Application Performance Monitoring as Technical Debt Consolidation

You move application performance bottlenecks so the bar for "slow" code gets lower, but that isn't always the case in app development. Read more

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