Elixir GenServers: Overview and Tutorial

Introduction Elixir describes itself as "a dynamic, functional programming language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications." Although it's a relative newcomer, Elixir is built on top of the functional programming language Erlang. Elixir is capable of using any Erlang library, and is ideal for use cases such as web ... Read more

Elixir Overview and Tutorial (as told in a Wizard fable)

Interested in Learning the Elixir language? Join us in this entertaining Elixir tutorial and overview. Read more

How to use Mint, an awesome HTTP library for Elixir - Part 02

In our previous post we looked at how to set up and use Mint to make a simple GET request to fetch the contents of a README file from a Github repository. In this post let us continue building our Awesome Toolbox and add some more functionality. Read more

How to copy output of a function to your clipboard in Elixir or Ruby

Having the ability to drive your development using just a keyboard is very productive. However, when you are using a terminal and have to copy the output of a command to use it somewhere else, it breaks your flow, you need to move your hands away from your keyboard, use ... Read more

How to use Mint, an awesome HTTP library for Elixir - Part 01

Mint is a shiny new elixir package which allows you to make HTTP requests using the HTTP 1, and HTTP 2 protocols. Let us see how we can start using it to improve our web apps performance. Read more

11 Awesome Elixir Jobs for 2019 (and some incredible perks)

Elixir has Arrived Elixir is a programming language that is beginning to gather steam. Originally released in 2011, it is a functional and dynamic language, and runs on the Erlang VM (Virtual Machine). Elixir is highly scalable and fault tolerant. In other words, Elixir is perfect for today's software landscape of microservices and cloud computing. Read more

Upgraded Ecto logging hooks to Telemetry in new Agent 0.4.8

Recently the Ecto library released a major update - Version 3.0. As part of the changes, some of the hooks that Scout relied on to capture data have changed. No longer can we hook into Ecto's logging system to extract information about queries being run, and instead we have a proper Telemetry event to listen to. Read more

Monitoring GenServer calls with Scout

The latest release (0.3.0) of Scout's Elixir APM package adds the ability to monitor GenServer calls. What is GenServer and how do you monitor it? A short intro to GenServer If you're coming from a Ruby background, you've probably used Sidekiq or similar to do background work outside of the ... Read more

Introducing free app monitoring for Elixir apps

A year ago, our team started playing with Elixir. We liked it - a lot. In fact, it's the first language we've used since Ruby that we'd unanimously love to build web apps with. With that, we're excited to announce BETA support for Elixir app monitoring @ Scout. Get started ... Read more

Elixir foundations for Ruby Devs: Recursion

I can't recall writing a recursive method in Ruby. I think that's because I find recursion more confusing than iteration (ie Array#map ). Additionally, recursion isn't efficient in an imperative language like Ruby. While I find recursive functions a bit difficult to grok in any language, writing a recursive function ... Read more

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