Getting Started with Flask: A Python Flask Tutorial

Learn the Basics of Flask and Python Web Development with this Comprehensive Tutorial on Getting Started with Flask Read more

Django and the N+1 Queries Problem

The N+1 Queries Problem is a perennial database performance issue. It affects many ORM’s and custom SQL code, and Django’s ORM is not immune either. In this post, we’ll examine what the N+1 Queries Problem looks like in Django, some tools for fixing it, and most importantly some tools for ... Read more

A Guide to Python Lambda Functions

In Python, Lambda functions are rare compared to “normal” functions, and occasionally misunderstood or overused. In this article we’ll cover what Lambda functions are, how to use them, and how they compare with normal functions and other alternatives. We’ll also touch on the history of lambda functions, such as where ... Read more

How to Create a Python Stack

A stack is an abstract data type that stores a collection of elements with more strictly defined insertion and deletion rules. Read more

The Most Popular Python Web Frameworks in 2021

Web frameworks are powerful tools. They abstract the common aspects of building web sites and APIs and allow us to build richer, more stable applications with less effort. A broad range of web frameworks is available to us in Python. Some are proven favorites with large ecosystems and communities. Others ... Read more

Better Python Decorators with Wrapt

A Python decorator wraps a target function with another wrapper function. This wrapper function can add any behavior you might want. For example, it can track execution times, redefine how the wrapped function runs, or modify return values. As a concrete example, the standard library’s functools.lru_cache() decorator wraps a target ... Read more

Go Fast: Getting Started with Sanic for Python

Go Fast: Getting Started with Sanic for Python Tired of waiting for sluggish HTTP requests to complete before your backend code can proceed with other things? Sanic is an asynchronous web framework in Python, that is built to be fast. In a world where Flask and Django are the most ... Read more

Migrating from Python 2 to 3: Automated Tools and Strategies

This article is a continuation of Part I (A comprehensive guide to migrating from Python 2(Legacy Python) to Python 3) which details the changes, improvements in Python 3 and why they are important. This rest of the article details automated tools, strategies and role of testing in the migration from ... Read more

Python Flask Tutorial - Getting Started with Flask

Flask is Python’s most popular web application framework. Learn how you can use Flask to establish a strong foundation for a full stack application. Read more

Python vs. Java: Comparing Two Popular Programming Languages

In this article, we'll be comparing the features and performances of two server-side programming languages; Python and Java. The intent is to provide enough knowledge to make an informed decision about which language to pick for your use-case when faced with such a situation. Read more

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