Top 20 DevOps Blogs to Keep Your Eye on in 2021

The process of developing software applications has evolved over the years. DevOps has taken over the world, and more and more companies are starting to adopt the DevOps culture in their process.

DevOps is a practice of operations where engineering teams work together through the entire software development cycle. It includes functions from development to testing and deployment to production support.

Because of that, DevOps has become popular in the industry. It became a demand in the software industry as well as the job market.

Stay on Top of the  Fast-Changing DevOps Landscape

However, one of DevOps’ challenging aspects is understanding what it is and its process. DevOps is not just about the tools. It’s about the process and culture towards building and deploying software applications.  

As a developer or an operational person, it becomes vital to upskill ourselves on this fast-changing DevOps landscape.

So, it’s essential to stay up-to-date around the industry. This blog will help you find some professional DevOps blogs and resources to keep an eye on in upcoming years.

1. Arrested DevOps 

Arrested DevOps is a podcast that shares some interesting aspects, insights, and experiences from DevOps experts in the industry. One thing that I like about Arrested DevOps is the quality of its content and the topics that it covers.

 It covers most of the topics that a DevOps person should know about and the industry expert’s experience, making it unique.

Here are some popular podcasts:

Deserted Island DevOps

Making DevOps Beginner Friendly

Twitter: @ArrestedDevOps

2. Agile Admin

Agile Admin is a blog focusing on DevOps along with in-depth technical details. It covers most of the topics around DevOps. Most of them are in the form of technical talks on youtube. 

It’s not a blog that explains DevOps concepts and How-to guides. It mainly covers the insights and experiences of industrial experts. They are:

The quality of the content and technical depth around it makes the blog special and exciting. They do have a course on LinkedIn Learning about New Way to Learn DevOps, which covers most DevOps topics. 

3. The Register

DevOps is not just about learning the concepts and knowing how to implement them using the X tool. It’s more about what kind of problem that we solve in the business world using DevOps. 

The register is one of the sites which helps us to stay up-to-date on what’s happening around DevOps. It’s not a site for tutorials or documentation. It’s focused on industry news in the DevOps world. It lets you keep updated with what’s going on in the industry from a business perspective.

Few Popular articles:

4. DevOps’ish

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to follow each blog around DevOps. DevOps’ish solves that problem by providing blogs, resources, and DevOps tools as weekly roundups.

It is a weekly roundup with some of the best articles, resources, and tools in the DevOps community. It provides a variety of content and a surplus amount of Consolidated resources. 

Few Recent Archives:

5. DevOps Weekly

DevOps weekly is an email newsletter that provides DevOps news, articles, resources, and tools every week.

Suppose you prefer a Newsletter over reading blogs on your own to stay updated on DevOps. DevOps weekly is a better option for you.

An interesting thing about this newsletter is its content. It covers most of the important news, articles, tools around DevOps each week.

6. Docker Blog

Docker has become an inevitable tool for containerization in the DevOps community. While choosing to learn about docker, there is no better solution than learning from the official blog. Docker provides top-notch tutorials about building, deploying applications with Docker.

I like the Docker blog because it provides resources to learn docker with any technologies. They have tutorials, articles explaining the docker integrations with most of the popular technologies in the industry. It makes the docker blog be a go-to resource for learning docker.

Popular articles:

7. Atlassian DevOps Blog

Atlassian DevOps blog shares some of the insights and experience on practicing the DevOps process on building Atlassian products. It also has tutorials on using Atlassian products in our DevOps process.

It will always help learn from someone who built a scalable product or went through the same scenario because they got the experience and exposure, which we can learn from it and follow.

In that case, Atlassian DevOps blogs help us to understand how products like Jira, BitBucket are built by following specific processes.  

Popular articles:

8. DevOps is a developer’s community where people share the knowledge by writing articles. It’s the best place to learn from other developer’s experience. It also has DevOps experts, experienced people who share their expertise in DevOps.

An interesting thing about this is that we can see many people’s stories and case studies from other developers. It can be a good learning experience for us. 

9. IT Revolution

Gene Kim started IT Revolution blog. He is the author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project. Both of them are great books, and I highly recommend developers to give them a read.

IT Revolution focuses more on DevOps principles and concepts than technical aspects. We all know the importance of project management and industrial adaptation towards DevOps. Soft skills are as crucial as the technical side for the team. IT Revolution helps emphasize that. 

Recommended articles:


Digital AI blog covers a wide variety of topics, including DevOps. They provide the content in different formats such as blogs, webinars, infographics, and case studies. A Unique and Interesting thing about is, they give a Periodic Table for DevOps.  It becomes a go-to resource in the DevOps community to find the software development cycle’s best tool.

They do have great webinars around DevOps topics. I highly recommended it to learn about DevOps and some Industry standards.

Recommended Webinars:

11. The VMWare Tanzu Blog

Tanzu is the VMWare operational platform. It covers most of the topics around DevOps. One thing I like about Tanzu’s blog is the content format. It has Videos, Slides, Podcasts, and Blogs about DevOps.

It mainly covers the operational side of DevOps than the technical side.  Some of the main topics are observability, operational transformation, DevOps metrics, and  DevOps culture.

Recommended resources:

12. DevOps Cube

DevOps cube is one of the popular blogs in the community. It has everything you need to know about DevOps. 

DevOps Cube covers a wide range of topics and content. What I like about DevOps cube is, it covers all the topics from beginner to expert. It makes the blog a go-to place for people of all skill levels.

It has only been around for a couple of years. But the content they built in this blog will help you start working with a new tool or new concept.

Recommended articles:

13. Netflix Tech Blog

Netflix shares the learning from their Engineering and DevOps team on their blog. It has some interesting insights and experiences that can be more valuable. Because Netflix has 200 million users worldwide, building applications and deploying them for such a market can bring many challenges and complexity.

We get a chance to learn from their experience in their blog. It’s something that can’t be known otherwise—an Interesting factor about reading technical blogs from such companies.

The DevOps category of the Netflix blog is well-stocked with details and everything from their DevOps decision making, tools, and open-source projects.

Recommended articles:

14. The All-Day DevOps Blog

All Day DevOps is a yearly event in the DevOps community. It’s one of the popular online events in the DevOps community. 

Their blog has lots of interview posts from industry experts in the DevOps world and technical deep dives. Most of the articles are written by members of the community.

All Day DevOps blog can help us learn about concepts in the DevOps and various tools.

Recommended articles:

15. The DevOps Group Blog

DevOps Group Blog shares their knowledge on DevOps to business people, developers, operational teams in the best way possible. Most of the articles written in their blog explain the concepts well and real-world experience simply and elegantly.

An interesting factor about this blog is that most of the contents are evergreen, and it can be useful to people with all kinds of skill levels. 

Recommended articles:

16. Continuous Delivery Blog

The continuous Delivery blog has some evergreen content about DevOps and Continous Integration and Continous Deployment(CI/CD). Though it’s not updated frequently(As you can see that the last published blog was 2016), the quality of the content is so professional that we can learn a lot from it.

On top of the blog, it has a lot of other content as well. i.e., Video training, workshops, and Books. 

Here are few popular resources from Continous Delivery Blog:

17. Automation Planet

Automation Planet blog shares the knowledge on DevOps, Automation, Docker, and Kubernetes. Most of the blog contains Microsoft Azure cloud integration. I like Automation Planet because it also has many interview posts from the DevOps industrial experts. It helps us to clarify our concerns about DevOps practices and principles.

Automation Planet is maintained by Mohamed Radwan, who is a Principal DevOps and Agile Coach with 15+ years of experience. 

Recommended articles:

18. AWS Blogs

AWS is the most prominent cloud provider in the industry. All the blogs in AWS are specific to their platform.

However, it covers all the AWS services available, and their guideline is brief enough to explain everything about that particular service. They provide resources like reference architecture and case studies, which help us better understand the service.

Recommended articles:

There are a lot of articles in AWS explaining several AWS services. You can read articles based on the services that you’re planning to use in your application.

19. Martin Flower

Martin Flower is a software professional and DevOps Writer. He has authored seven books on software development and design principal etc. 

He writes all things about DevOps, Software Development, Design Principles, Continuous Delivery, and Microservices. 

His knowledge of Software development and DevOps is so exceptional that we can learn advanced concepts from his blogs and books.

Twitter: @martinflower


20. Patrick Debois

Patrick Debois is the founder of DevOps Days. he shares his thoughts, DevOps information, and analysis on his Twitter profile.

His tweets are often short, informative, and precise to the point. He is an expert at analyzing the past and current trends in the industry and DevOps world. He also communicates analysis and insights on the industry’s potential future trends and practices, shaping the DevOps world’s scope.

Twitter: @patrickdebois


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