How to use Mint, an awesome HTTP library for Elixir - Part 01

BY Minhajuddin Khaja

Mint is a shiny new elixir package which allows you to make HTTP requests using the HTTP 1, and HTTP 2 protocols. Let us see how we can start using it to improve our web apps performance.

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Distributed Machine Learning With PySpark

BY Satwik Kansal

Spark is known as a fast general-purpose cluster-computing framework for processing big data. In this post, we’re going to cover how Spark works under the hood and the things you need to know to be able to effectively perform distributing machine learning using pyspark. The post assumes basic familiarity with ...

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Scout APM Goes to PyCon 2019, The Cleveland Edition!

BY Erik Jacobsen

This past week some of the Scout team had the opportunity to hang out at PyCon USA in Cleveland. This was the first time the Scout APM team had attended PyCon and it was great to spend some time with an awesome swath of Python developers.

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PyCon 2019 - Scout brings APM for Python

BY Cooper Marcus

The 2019 edition of PyCon USA takes place over the next few days in Cleveland, Ohio - and Scout is delighted to be there, sharing our APM tool with the Python community.

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Scout APM at RubyKaigi 2019

BY Yuga Koda

Two weeks ago, the Scout team flew out to Japan to attend and sponsor RubyKaigi 2019 . Ruby has a special place in Japanese developers’ hearts and RubyKaigi is arguably the most important Ruby event in the world--the creator of Ruby, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, is Japanese! Japan also has the ...

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Announcing Brainfuck Monitoring for Scout APM

BY Chris Schneider

Scout is proud to announce monitoring support for Brainfuck! Clone the repository with our instrumented Brainfuck interpreter and follow the instructions to pipe performance data on all your Brainfuck programs directly into Scout.

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Ditch the Relic in Hakuba

BY Yuga Koda

Last week we were delighted to host Ditch the Relic Hakuba. We combined foreign lands, foreign friends and a mission to make developer lives’ easier--and produced an amazing output of features, perspectives, and photos… starting with:

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Is your Django app slow? Think like a data scientist, not an engineer

BY Derek Haynes

I'm an engineer by trade. I rely on intuition when investigating a slow Django app. I've solved a lot of performance issues over the years and the short cuts my brain takes often work. However, intuition can fail. It can fail hard in complex Django apps with many layers (ex: ...

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Google Colab+Prophet+Scout = Easy Web Traffic Forecasts

BY Derek Haynes

Forecasting traffic to your web app is important for capacity planning, but generating a seasonally accurate model of your traffic is pretty daunting. If you under-forecast: Your app servers may become oversaturated, and requests will start backing up in a queue. If many requests are database-heavy, your database load may ...

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Chatting, Coding, and Application Performance Monitoring with Fast JSON:API

BY Michael Heck

It was a great night of chatting, coding, and application performance monitoring in Tokyo. Thanks to everyone who came out to hear our very own Naohiro present about Fast JSON:API. How does Fast JSON:API compare to other Active Model Serializers? Naohiro showed us how he switched from Jbuilder to Fast ...

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