Is An APM Solution Worth The Investment?

In today's blog we share our thoughts on why application monitoring is a useful tool, as well as its costs, benefits, and potential ROI. Read more

APM Tool Consolidation and Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Are you using multiple APM tools to monitor your applications? If so, you may be wasting resources. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to consolidate your APM tools saving you time and money. Read more

Scout APM: Your All-in-One APM Tool

You can monitor the performance of your web applications using Scout APM. This dashboard lets you see how your app is performing and identify areas for improvement. Read more

PHP Symfony APM Benefits

Here's how PHP Symfony can benefit from APM. Analyzing performance and tracing transactions in depth. Take Scout APM for a spin to learn more. Read more

The Benefits of APM in a Staging Environment

The sooner you can see how your latest code is performing, the faster you can optimize it. APM metrics can help you with visibility in your application development process. Read more

Cost Comparison: How Scout Stacks up Against the Competition

If you're looking to monitor your web applications, you want to make sure that you're getting the best value. Here are ScoutAPM's costs compared to its competitors. Read more

Program Outages: Why That Won't Happen With Scout

Find out why Scout is the best choice for your APM needs, and how our software was designed to prevent program outages. Read more

Solid Software Design Principles

This article provides an understanding of SOLID principles and how to apply them to software development. Read more

Understanding N+1 Database Queries

Identifying, mitigating, and solving scaleable N+1 database queries in Ruby on Rails. Read more

Optimize Trace Memory with Scout

Want to learn how to optimize trace memory? And the difference between APM tracing and observability tracing? Learn more with Scout APM Read more

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