Scout APM Announces Release of External Service Monitoring

[Denver, CO] - Scout APM, a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), announced the release of Scout External Services Monitoring for Ruby, Python, and PHP applications on December 1, 2021. Scout APM provides developers, engineers, and application administrators software performance insights by delivering key web application performance metrics.

Traditionally an APM tool, Scout has expanded its service offerings to now include microservices and managed services monitoring of Ruby, Python, and PHP web applications for more cohesive and actionable observability metrics. This new feature supports an overall effort to provide full-stack observability insights within a single platform. Scout’s External Services monitoring feature eliminates the need for multiple web-application monitoring services by offering microservice monitoring, error monitoring and performance monitoring and alerting capabilities integrated all within a single tool.

“Scout’s industry-leading performance and, now, external service monitoring solutions are essential for developers building complex, cloud-native applications,” says Mike Riegel, Scout’s CEO. “We wanted to expand our services to build a more holistic performance and observability monitoring tool to help our customers solve issues quickly and efficiently. By connecting our external services metrics with our error reporting and performance monitoring data in one platform, we provide our customers with the insights they need without paying for the features they don’t.”

The new External Services monitoring feature is the latest release from the Scout product line. Earlier this year Scout released its new error monitoring add-on, enhanced alerting capabilities, and additional integrations with Slack and PagerDuty. As we evolve to provide full-stack observability to the DevOps and IT teams, the release of our External Services monitoring, among our other 2021 product releases, are crucial features that align Scout with the growing observability market. 

About Scout APM

Launched in 2015, Scout APM offers application performance monitoring (APM) “built for developers, by developers”. Scout’s customers include companies such as Recurly, Root Insurance, KPMG, and Broadcom, among others. For more information, visit


Hayley Keith