Scout APM Changelog - December 2023

This blog holds Product and Engineering release notes for APM web/agent updates.

Apdex API

The Scout APM API now supports retrieving `apdex` as a metric. Apdex accepts the same parameters and will produce series with the same time intervals as our other metrics API endpoints.

Python Jobs - Latency and Memory Updates

The Python agent now measures time in queue waiting for a worker as a metric series along with throughput. We hope this can help you identify lagging work or saturated queues! Memory usage gets the same treatment. We have long captured allocations for individual job traces, but now we put those together for the overall trend.

Be sure to update your Python agent to the v3.1 series to take advantage of these features.

PHP 8.3 Support

Our PHP agent now supports the newest release of PHP. When your framework is ready for it, we are, too. Make sure to install the PECL extension to capture every interesting tidbit!