Scout APM Changelog - February 2024

This blog holds Product and Engineering release notes for APM web/agent updates.

Insights History

Have you ever wanted to look back on n+1, memory bloat and slow query Insights that Scout has generated for you, but found them fleeting, like clutching at smoke? Well, no more! Scout will now maintain a durable list of Insights that have been generated for your Apps. In addition, traces related to these Insights will be persisted beyond the standard retention period, allowing you to peruse their details in the future. We hope this helps you gauge progress over time, spot recurring-but-infrequent issues and generally get more use out of these insights.

This historical information is available in a tab on the Overview page, similar to the fresh insights. It is a chronological list of historical insights, with links to the related archived trace. We hope navigating this feels familiar; most of the data associated with the original insights have been captured for longer-term use.

Together with our Insight Digest email (which you can now enable at, Insight History can bring Insights to you while you sleep and keep them warm until you can take action. If you want another chance to apply your “Inbox Zero” mentality, here it is.

Database Improvements

Just to surface some largely out-of-sight work, our core relational app database is now running on the latest major version available to us. Our Engineering team is happy with the migration. We hope you don’t notice anything except a slightly snappier experience when interacting with the Scout web application.