Scout Monitoring Changelog - April 2024

This blog holds Product and Engineering release notes for APM web/agent updates.

Documentation Updates

Our docs now have improved formatting, navigation and some sleeker “setup” content to boost our users on the path to performance. Oh and a dark mode, if you are into that kind of thing. We like how they turned out and we hope you do, too.

Free Tier

We ♥ monitoring, and monoliths, and monospace font, and… you get the idea. We want others to love them with us, regardless of project size or budget. So we went beyond the free trial and created a free tier that can be used indefinitely. It provides all of our functionality for a limited number of monthly transactions. It might be perfect for that Rails or Django project that is just speeding towards liftoff.

Future Feature - Logs

Do you love logs? Do you hate log aggregation? Same here, assuming you said “yes!” to both. Well, we are learning to love the aggregation part so that we can do it for you. We are breaking ground on a feature to ingest logs from monitored applications and provide search across them. We’re building a feature to ingest and search logs across monitored applications, since this is something we want, and hear others do too.