Elixir & Phoenix App Monitoring

Let Scout do the hard work of uncovering performance issues in your Elixir apps so you don’t have to. Scout is the only Elixir Application Performance Monitoring (APM) product that pinpoints and prioritizes performance and stability issues like N+1 database queries, slow database queries, performance abnormalities, and more in Elixir applications.

Scout is easy to install (it’s just an Elixir package) and monitors the most popular Elixir framework, Phoenix, with almost no configuration.

Key Features

Automatically reports key Elixir monitoring metrics

After installing our Elixir package, Scout automatically tracks your performance KPIs. From one dashboard, you’ll see:

  • Response time (mean and 95th percentile)
  • Apdex score
  • Throughput (requests per minute)
  • Web transactions
  • Error rate
  • Memory usage
Instruments many Elixir dependencies automatically

Scout instruments the key Elixir libraries - in most cases there’s no need to add custom instrumentation. Some of the libraries Scout instruments:

Automatically Instrumened frameworks
  • Phoenix
  • Ecto
  • Slime
Common libraries supported
  • Phoenix Channels
  • Plug
  • GenServer
  • Exq
  • Absinthe
  • HTTPoison
  • MongoDB Ecto
N+1 Detection

Ecto makes database ORM super easy. But it also makes it extremely easy for N+1 queries to slip in to your code. Scout has you covered by detecting N+1 queries and even listing how much time you could save by fixing them.

View your code within Scout via our GitHub integration

Scout collects detailed traces of slow requests and, along with our GitHub integration, shows you the exact line of code responsible for the slow response time.

Track down user-specific issues with custom context

Attach custom data for context to the requests tracked by Scout. Use our Trace Explorer to search and filter based on that data.

Digest Emails

Receive daily or weekly digest emails summarizing how your apps are performing, along with highlights of outliers and endpoints which may need developer attention.

Easy install via Elixir mix

Install Scout just like any normal Elixir package. It's safe to run Scout alongside your existing APM library.

Low Overhead

Our monitoring agent uses just a portion of the resources of existing app monitoring agents while providing higher-fidelity trace details.

Key Benefits

  • Performance details on every web endpoint
  • Detailed transaction traces with backtraces
  • Enhanced database query monitoring
  • Detects repeatedly expensive database queries
  • Alerting
  • Deploy Tracking
  • Intelligent performance digest email
  • DevTrace, our development profiler
  • Embed charts
  • Integrates with GitHub, Zapier, and more.

Supported Frameworks

The secret to low overhead? Our tracing algorithm. Our agent does more work on anomaly requests and decreases analysis on faster areas of your application code.

What else can you do with Scout?

See how performance looks for a specific user with Trace Explorer

Profile your app in development with DevTrace

Alert your team of capacity and performance issues

Identify 🐢 slow, frequently-used database queries

Compare performance between deploys with Deploy Tracking

Stay updated on performance trends and outliers with the Digest Email