Bottle Monitoring

Easily monitor the performance of your Bottle application with the Scout APM library. Scout automatically monitors the performance of your controller-actions, records transaction traces, and instruments many Python libraries automatically.

Key Bottle Monitoring Features

SQL Alchemy and N+1 Detection

Scout instruments SQLAlchemy out of the box. SQLAlchemy makes database ORM easy. But it also makes it extremely easy for N+1 queries to slip in to your code. Scout has you covered by detecting N+1 queries and even listing how much time you could save by fixing them.

Identify Memory Bloat

Scout calculates the memory increase caused by web or background jobs, surfacing the exact transactions leading to memory bloat - and even which users triggered it. Scout also tracks object allocations so you can work to minimize or eliminate unnecessary overhead within your application.

Track Object Allocations

Bottle is lightweight. Don't weigh it down with inefficient application code. Scout tracks every single object allocation made during a request so you can see which endpoints are creating potentially unnecessary objects and slowing down your app.

Compatible with Route Patterns

Use with statically named routes, or routes with named parameters or regex matching. You can configure Scout to report these routes as unique endpoints or group them based on your own needs.

Track Request QueueTime

Scout automatically measures the time the request takes from hitting your load balancer to when it actually gets to your app, indicating if requests are stacking up in the load balancer queue. If QueueTime goes up, it’s time to examine your request capacity.

GitHub Integration

Scout collects detailed traces of slow requests and, along with our GitHub integration, shows you the exact line of code responsible for the slow response time.

Key Benefits

  • Performance details on every web endpoint and background job
  • Detailed transaction traces with backtraces
  • Enhanced database query monitoring
  • Detects repeatedly expensive database queries
  • Memory Bloat Detection
  • Alerting
  • Deploy Tracking
  • Intelligent performance digest email
  • Embed charts
  • Integrates with GitHub, Sentry, Rollbar, Bugsnag, Zapier, and more.
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