Ruby On Rails Application Performance Monitoring

Easily monitor the performance of your Ruby on Rails application with the scout Ruby gem. Scout automatically monitors the performance of your controller-actions, records transaction traces, and instruments many Ruby libraries like ActiveRecord, Net::HTTP, Redis, and more.

Scout provides extra monitoring magic on top of our default monitoring for Ruby apps when you use Ruby on Rails:

Key Ruby on Rails Monitoring Features

Instrument your custom code with Autoinstruments

Manually adding vendor-specific instrumentation to your custom code is a tedious process. When you enable Autoinstruments, Scout automatically instruments code expressions within your app to narrow down the cause of slowness in the code you and your dev team creates.

Monitors web+background jobs

Scout both the performance of requests to your controller-actions and background jobs (Sidekiq, Delayed Job, Resque, and Sneakers are supported).

Identify capacity problems with queue time

Scout automatically measures the time in queue for your Rails apps, indicating if requests are stacking up in a queue.

Rails and Ruby Version Support

Our Ruby agent supports Ruby on Rails 2.2+ and Ruby 1.8.7+.

Installation Guide

  • There are just three steps to start using Scout:
  • • Install Scout just like any other Ruby gem
  • • Specify your API key via a config file or environment variable
  • • Deploy!