Sinatra Monitoring

Easily monitor the performance of your Sinatra application with the Scout Ruby gem. Scout automatically monitors the performance of your controller-actions, records transaction traces, and instruments many Ruby libraries like ActiveRecord, Net::HTTP, Redis, and more.

Scout provides extra monitoring magic on top of our default monitoring for Ruby apps when you use Ruby on Rails:

Key Sinatra Monitoring Features

Easy Agent Install

Installing Scout in your Sinatra app is simple. Just install the gem, `require scout` after your other gems, then `ScoutApm::Rack.install!` right before you `run` your Sinatra app.

Track Object Allocations

Sinatra is lightweight. Don't weigh it down with inefficient application code. Scout tracks every single object allocation made during a request so you can see which endpoints are creating potentially unnecessary objects and slowing down your app.

Compatible with Route Patterns

Use with statically named routes, or routes with named parameters or regex matching. You can configure Scout to report these routes as unique endpoints or group them based on your own needs.

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