A powerful New Relic alternative
at a fraction of the overhead.

"Scout allows us to quickly and easily monitor performance issues and regressions in real-time."


Always-on monitoring keeps you ahead of performance outliers.

Easily analyze increased response time with intuitive dashboards that help you drill down into individual endpoints, requests, paths, and users tied to your slow downs.


How it works

Tie anomalies directly to endpoints

When increased response time is identified, simply click and drag over the timeframe in question to analyze all endpoints & pinpoint anomalies.
Scout quickly shows you the exact endpoint or endpoints causing the issue.

Using New Relic?
To pinpoint the cause of increased response time, you’ll need to navigate to “transactions” and explore each transaction individually to identify casual endpoints.

Quickly drill down into slow requests.

Deep tracing logic shows you response time distribution across all requests, so you can easily identify specific slow request outliers against your average.

Using New Relic?
It’s harder to identify the causes of large response time distributions because only slow request traces are captured.


Identify common traits with Crossfilter.

Scout’s real time, content-reducing powerhouse Crossfilter helps you efficiently identify commonalities across slow requests, down to the user level.

Using New Relic?
You can't explore and filter transaction traces, and especially not in real time.

Tie bottlenecks directly to source code.

Identify bottlenecks in your source code without adding custom instrumentation. Scout’s production-safe profiler augments our default instrumentation and profiles your custom code.

Using New Relic?
There’s no profiling of custom code.


Know the exact developer to contact.

Backtraces are overlaid with git blame output so you can quickly identify and contact the developer who knows about the area of code in question.

Using New Relic?
You'll need to open your code editor, inspect the source, then ask around for the developer who might know about this area of code.

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