PHP Agent

Our PHP agent supports PHP versions 7.2 to 8.3! Scout’s PHP agent supports many popular libraries to instrument middleware, request times, SQL queries, and more.

The base package is called scoutapp/scout-apm-php, Laravel instrumentation is in the scoutapp/scout-apm-laravel, and Symfony instrumentation in scoutapp/scout-apm-symfony-bundle. See our install instructions for more details:

Source code and issues can be found on our scout-apm-php GitHub repository.


scout-apm-php requires:

Instrumented Libraries

Scout provides automatic instrumentation for:

Some configuration required

The libraries below require a small number of configuration updates. Click on the respective library for instructions.

Additionally, Scout can also instrument request queuing time.

You can instrument your own code or other libraries via custom instrumentation. You can suggest additional libraries you’d like Scout to instrument on GitHub.

Updating to the Newest Version

composer update scout-apm-laravel

The package changelog is available here.