Announcing Redwood: Spotlight-like search for your web apps

Our knowledge at Scout is spread across web apps: Gmail, Basecamp, Delicious, Dropbox, and more. It’s become more cumbersome to find information as our pile of content has grown.

We saw two options: devote more time to organizing our information or make it easier to search through it.

Spending more time organizing our stuff didn’t sound appealing. When we’re documenting something we don’t know if it’s going to grow into a frequenty referenced source or never get viewed again. We don’t want content creation to become a burden.

Today we’re releasing Redwood, a tool to quickly search across web apps, right from your Mac OSX Desktop. It works a lot like Spotlight.

You can try Redwood for free. For now you can search your Basecamp account. We’ll be adding additional web apps in a paid version.

Just like with Scout, we’ll be iterating on Redwood. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us.