Securing Ruby Applications with mTLS

Explore Scout's new mTLS feature for webhook alerting, offering enhanced security through double ID checks and encrypted messaging. Learn about the 'what' and 'why' of mTLS implementation Read more

Identifying and Troubleshooting Inefficiencies in Django ORM

Discover Django: The Powerful Python Web Framework Behind Disqus, Pinterest, and Instagram. Explore its Simplicity, Flexibility, and Performance Benefits, Along with the Caveats of its 'Batteries Included' Approach. Read more

Monitoring Django Performance with Scout APM: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover unparalleled performance monitoring for Django with Scout APM. Empower your development team with real-time insights, custom transaction monitoring, error tracking, and seamless GitHub integration, ensuring optimal application performance and a seamless user experience Read more

What To Expect From Ruby 3.3

Embrace Ruby 3.3: Anticipated Advancements & Features, Release Speculations, and Getting Started. Read more

It's Official, Scout is SOC 2 Certified

Experience peace of mind with our recent achievement: SOC 2 certification. Our unwavering dedication to ensuring the health of your systems and the protection of your customers is now officially recognized. Trust in our commitment to security and join us in celebrating this significant milestone in our journey together. Read more

Exploring OpenTelemetry Configuration in Ruby

This post provides a guide to configure the OpenTelemetry gems in a Ruby on Rails application. It highlights the significance of OpenTelemetry in the Observability space and the need for precise configuration for optimal performance. Read more

A Comprehensive Comparison of New Relic and Scout APM

Get to the heart of your performance problems quickly with Application Performance Management (APM). Choosing between New Relic and Scout can be a complex decision. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of New Relic and Scout APM. Read more

Unlocking the Power of Lambdas in Ruby

Discover the power of lambdas in Ruby with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to effectively use lambdas, the difference between lambdas and Procs, and their performance profiles. Take your Ruby programming skills to the next level. Read more

Scout APM: Reasons to Get a New Dog

Learn how to improve performance and ROI with modern APM technology. Discover the latest tricks in Application Performance Monitoring in this informative article. Read more

Maximizing Efficiency: How Application Performance Management (APM) Can Help You Cut Server Costs

In this article we cover the fundamental concepts and key features of APM, as well as its implementation in optimizing IT infrastructure and budget. Gain an in-depth understanding of how APM can aid in cost savings and improved performance for your organization. Read more

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