Scout APM Changelog - October 2023

Scout APM Changelog for October 2023 Read more

Scout APM Changelog - September 2023

Scout APM Changelog for September 2023 Read more

Scout APM Changelog - August 2023

Scout APM Changelog for August 2023 Read more

Scout APM Changelog - July 2023

Scout APM Changelog for July 2023 Read more

IETF Decreased Mean Response Time by 90% with Scout APM

With the assistance of Scout APM, IETF was able to identify architectural issues that had been a growing pain point for years. Read more about IETF's experience working with Scout APM. Read more

The Real Cost of Downtime

The length of downtime must be taken into consideration because the more time there is for data to fall out of sync, the longer it is down. Read about the long-term consequences of downtime. Read more

Press Release: Scout APM announces new observability product, TelemetryHub

The Early Access Program (EAP) for TelemetryHub by Scout APM has just been released, according to Scout APM, a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Read more

SPOTcon 2022 Recap

SPOTcon 2022 is an annual conference hosted by Scout APM that empowers developers with solutions that drive leading-edge transformation in application development and observability. This year’s event took place virtually and was an educational couple of days filled with insights into the current and future states of application monitoring and observability. Read more

8 Microservices Trends to Watch in 2022

The philosophy backing microservices’ style is that smaller applications work together by communicating with each other. Learn more about the latest trends in microservices architecture in 2022! Read more

SPOTCon 2022 by Scout APM - Speaker List Announced!

Scout is focused on hosting the best community event for developers by offering informative sessions presented by industry-leading experts. To keep our promise to this mission, we are excited to announce the speakers for SPOTcon 2022. Read more

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