The 9 Most Popular PHP Frameworks for Developers

There are dozens of PHP frameworks out there, but a handful of them particularly stand out in the features, functionality and simplicity they offer. Let’s look at the nine most popular PHP frameworks that you can choose from for your upcoming project. Read more

Containers vs. VMs: Which Should You Use?

Containers and virtual machines are virtual environments that comprise a number of computing components and are independent in nature, thereby allowing developers to scale applications in isolated runtimes without taking up entire machines. Read more

Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Deployment

In recent years, the practices of continuous integration and continuous deployment have gained tremendous popularity, due to their idea of automating the building, testing, and deployment pipelines to minimize delays in software production. Read more

Asynchronous Javascript: From Promises to Async/Await

This post dives into asynchronous programming in Javascript and discusses synchronous and asynchronous paradigms, and the importance of writing non-blocking code for web application. Additionally, it looks at the different APIs that JS has provided to write asynchronous code - callbacks, promises and async/await. Read more

How to Use Docker’s Health Check Command

This guide explores what a docker health check is and how to configure it for your docker containers. This deep dive into what a health check of docker containers really means and why it’s important in the containers world provides valuable insights to help ensure your resources are healthy. Read more

Log Analysis: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Log analysis is the process of aggregating, categorizing, and deriving new information from the logs that you receive from the software you use. Read more

Application Performance Monitoring - What is APM?

APM stands for Application Performance Monitoring and allows developers to see exactly what your applications are doing, and why, while they execute the functions of your business. APM is important because it enables you to see what is really happening with your web applications as it happens. Read more

Video: Identifying Memory Bloat

In this video, we are going to take a look at what memory bloat is, what causes it, and how you can use Scout to eliminate it from your applications. Read more

How Containerized Applications Increase Speed & Efficiency

In a nutshell, a container is a fully packaged and portable computing environment. Due due the high efficiency and flexibility, containerization is being used for packaging up individual microservices or distributed applications that make up modern applications. Read more

An Introduction to Kubernetes and Its Uses

It's easy to get lost in today's continuously changing landscape of cloud native technologies. The learning curve from a beginner's perspective is quite steep and without proper context, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through all the buzzwords. If you have been developing software, chances are you may have heard ... Read more

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