Moving from FiveRuns to Scout

As FiveRuns posted on their blog they have announced End-of-Life for FiveRuns Manage. We have made arrangements with FiveRuns to ease the transition for customers who still need a robust, easy-to-use monitoring solution.

For current Fiveruns customers, we are offering 50% off your first paid month here with Scout . Note that this is only for current FiveRuns Manage customers, and that the offer expires in one week (August 19th). Of course, like any other Scout signup, it’s risk-free: your first month is free (and your second month is half-off) and you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at anytime.

FiveRuns Manage customers: use your discount code on our signup page, and welcome to Scout!

Getting Started

Getting started with Scout is very straightforward, and the signup process guides you through all the steps. The main difference from FiveRuns Manage is that you choose the components you want to monitor by selecting plugins. You can add or remove plugins at any time, and we offer some suggestions for getting started below.

Your basic process is this:

  1. Install the gem: sudo gem install scout_agent and start it with the server key you’re given on signup
  2. Select one or more plugins from the directory. The Server Load, Disk Usage, and Memory Profiler are easy plugins to get started with.
  3. Customize or add Triggers. Scout uses triggers to alert you of spikes or trends in the data being gathered—for example, “alert me when the five-minute load average exceeds 4.0” Plugins come with default triggers, and you can customize all you need.

Let us know if you have questions!