Three New Tools in my Mac Toolbox

It’s always satisfying to find tools that make your workflow smoother. Here are three that I started using recently:

iTerm2 is a Terminal replacement with a ton of features. The three that make the most difference in my workflow are search, mouseless copy, and tabs which you can tear away into their own windows and easily recombine. I haven’t gotten into some of the other features yet, like a hotkey-driven HUD-like terminal, Expose for your tabs, and autocomplete. The few that I am using make the switch worth it. And, the price is right (free).

Kaleidoscope is a very well-implemented diff tool. Kaleidoscope isn’t free, but it’s worth paying for: it starts up quickly, looks great, and integrates seamlessly with git.

Mouse Locator highlights your mouse pointer after it’s been still for a period of time. The use case for me: when I have multiple command line windows open (especially on a multi-monitor setup), I frequently lose the pointer in the dark windows. Mouse Locator solves that. I set the trigger delay time to about 1 minute (so it activates the first time you move the mouse after a minute of inactivity), and a very short display time (it fades out immediately). Once you set it up, you never have to think about it again. Mouse Locator is also free.

Your Recommendations?

Word-of-mouth from like-minded users is a great way to discover new Mac tools. Got one you really like? Let us know in the comments!

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