Top 20 DevOps Blogs to Keep Your Eye on in 2021

DevOps has taken over the world, and more and more companies are starting to adopt the DevOps culture in their process. However, DevOps is not just about the tools; it’s about the process and culture towards building and deploying software applications. Read more

The Top Python Blogs, Developers, and Podcasts of 2021

Whether you've just picked up Python or are a programmer who wants to keep up with everything around Python, here is a list of developers, blogs, resources, podcasts, etc., that will help you on your journey. Read more

The 8 Most Popular Javascript Frameworks in 2021

Depending on different backgrounds and requirements, we have categorized the top frameworks into three categories – frontend, backend, and testing frameworks. If you are thinking of building a new application from scratch or getting started with a Javascript framework, this post should help you make an informed decision about where to start. Read more

Press Release: Scout APM Raises $8MM; acquires ExceptionTrap

Scout APM raises $8M for expansion efforts into the exception monitoring space by acquiring ExceptionTrap. Read more

30 Ruby Developers You Should Follow in 2021

This exhaustive list is full of current developers, up-to-date blogs, resources, and ongoing podcasts that will help you along your Ruby journey. Read more

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