"Monitoring", "Sparkly DevOps Princess", "StatsD" ....BINGO!

The 2015 Conference Season is upon us and we couldn't be more excited. The first one of the year for us is right in our backyard - DevOpsDaysDenver. We're hoping to meet a lot of customers - and have a little fun.

In talking with the event organizers, they wanted to keep the sponsors area low-key, and focus on the attendees. Makes sense to us, we'd much rather focus on talking to people about their monitoring challenges.

They said "most companies will be doing things like business card fishbowls for prizes".

Well, as a tech guy - that sounded pretty low tech to me - and honestly, I don't have a fishbowl.

So, what did we decide to do instead? What's an easy way to keep the audience engaged?

Introducing DevOps Bingo! @devopdaysrox edition.

If you're attending DevOpsDaysRox, we hope you'll play along. Everyone who signs up will be entered for a chance to win a $300 gift certificate from Sparkfun. Score a BINGO and claim your very own world-famous Scout t-shirt.