Scout APM Changelog - October 2023

This blog holds Product and Engineering release notes for APM web/agent updates.

October 2023

Scout APM now provides an email digest of recent insights across your applications. We are taking your favorite performance opportunities (n+1 queries, slow queries, memory bloat) from our Overview pages and bringing them right to your inbox. We hope these proactive notifications can help you keep things speedy without spending all day with your eyes on the charts. You can adjust the frequency of this new email according to your taste: daily, weekly, or “I have enough email, thanks, and I log in every day.”

In addition to the email, we are adding badges to your organization’s app listing ( to indicate which Apps have recent insights without having to click into all of them.

If you are an existing customer and would like to opt in to this feature, please contact our support team

Python Agent

Hot off the press, we are now building wheels for python 3.12. The latest release is also tested against Django 5 release candidate versions to make sure we've got you covered if you happen to be an "early adopter" type.

Updating TLS Certificate

We will be updating the TLS certificate used by Our agents securely post data to this domain. The new certificate will be signed by DigiCert’s new-ish G2 root certificate. This certificate has been in trust stores since 2013. If you have any questions, feel free to check the FAQ or contact us at

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