Scout Now Partnering With API Management Leader DreamFactory

At Scout, we pride ourselves in building a tool that is focused on the developers’ ability to quickly identify performance issues within their applications so they can fix them and resume building the fun stuff.  DreamFactory is a robust role-based access tool to help you with API creation and management needs. With Scout launching a PHP/Laravel agent this past September we are now excited and able to be part of the monitoring section of the DreamFactory integrations page which has over 100 integrations

With this integration partnership, you can now get a very mature APM monitoring solution inside of your DreamFactory instance, helping you diagnose slowness and other performance issues with your API calls.  Some easy examples you can readily see in the Scout dashboard are below.



Single Trace View:

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 12.40.06 PM...

You can also filter endpoints:


These are just some of the features as Scout also has a GitHub integration which can pinpoint the exact line of code which could be causing the noted performance issue.  When looking at a single trace, if your code has layers that are taking over 500ms to report, you can click on the single trace and see a backtrace button that will pull up the repo and the line of code Scout flagged.

Take a look at DreamFactory if you are looking for a strong, flexible API solution that companies of all sizes are using.  They have hosted, and on-premise solutions (including a brand new Heroku offering).  Scout also has options for install as it is as easy as requiring the package, adding your Scout agent key, and pushing traffic to the application.  Within a few short minutes, your application will be sending quality feedback about the performance of your application so you can get ahead of issues, or respond as quickly as possible if there is an issue.

Have you tried Scout or another APM solution?  If so drop us a line at