State of the 2016 Rails Stack

What's a Rails stacks look like in the wild these days? Most popular Rails version? Most popular Ruby? Is Delayed Job still hanging on?

If you're curious about the above, you've come to the right place. We collect gems used on the apps we monitor at Scout to assist with debugging issues and to prioritize libraries we want to instrument. This data set is across many hundreds of apps - while a small chunk of the Rails ecosystem, it's enough to shed light on usage.

Without delay, lets dig in.

Rails Versions


The latest (Rails 4.2) is the greatest, coming in strong as the version of choice for the apps we monitor at Scout (53%). Rails 3.2 is holding on though - it's the next most popular version at 33%.

Ruby Versions


Ruby 2.2 has similar adoption as Rails 4.2, coming in as the most popular Ruby at 50%.

Rails + Ruby Combinations


The top Rails + Ruby combinations are running on Ruby 2.

Relational Databases


There's no clear winner here.



Three out of five Rails apps are using Redis - that's more than any other database system (relational databases included).

Background Job Libraries


Sidekiq owns the majority here (53%).

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