Appdynamics vs. Splunk vs. Scout | Key Features Compared

Application Performance Monitoring is a crucial necessity for modern businesses. This guide aims to help you decide between three top application performance monitoring tools in the market - AppDynamics, Splunk, and Scout. Read more

What Makes a Great Software Engineer?

There are a few qualities that developers and software engineers should strive to embody as they navigate their roles and attempt to make a difference. Read more

Application Lifecycle Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Discipline is the key to success for all companies doing well in their field or reaching a trillion-dollar valuation. Read more

The Benefits of DevOps and How to Leverage Them

Today, things need to roll out fast, and as a result, many software companies have adopted the DevOps model to help speed things up and keep up with the market. Read more to learn about DevOps and how to leverage them! Read more

DataDog Competitors: 9 Alternatives to Consider

DataDog is a platform that monitors cloud-scale applications used by developers of various IT and DevOps teams, but its features are not right for every application. Check out these 9 alternatives to DataDog! Read more

10 Popular Alternatives to AppDynamics

AppDynamics is a prominent application performance monitoring tool (APM) designed to facilitate application performance and user experience according to business plans. However, it has its shortcomings. Read more to learn about 10 popular alternatives. Read more

Scout APM Announces Release of Error Monitoring

Scout APM, a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), announced the release of Scout Error Monitoring for Ruby applications on June 1, 2021. Scout APM provides developers and application administrators software performance insights by delivering key web application performance metrics. Read more

20 Best Software Development Tools in 2021

Developers and organizations are constantly looking for tools to make their lives easier. The right set of tools can quickly help you get the maximum output each day, but the road to finding your arsenal of the best software development tools is not easy. Check out this guide on top tools in 2021! Read more

10 Indispensable Software Deployment Tools

Software Deployment Tools (SDTs) help make software systems available to the target endpoints in a network from a central location. SDTs help automate existing services, automate tasks, and monitor user activity and application functioning. Read more

Prometheus vs. Datadog: Which is Right for your Business?

Consistent monitoring of your applications is essential for your business’s success. This article discusses key differences between two competitors in the application monitoring market, Prometheus and Datadog. Read more

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