Oink + Request Log Analyzer = Rails Monitoring in one report

If you’ve ever had to track down a memory leak in a Rails application (and who hasn’t forgotten to use will_paginate occasionally), you’re probably already familiar with the excellent Oink plugin by Noah Davis . Oink spits out the actions that are leaking the most. Oink is a huge help ... Read more

The Page Load Paradox

The irony is that, with broadband nowadays more or less everywhere, overall connection speeds have gone up by leaps and bounds, yet the time taken to load web pages seems only to have got longer. - World Wide Wait , The Economist, Feb. 12 2010 For more than 40 years, ... Read more

There's Scout in my Safari

The smart folks over at Rails Machine are always quick on the draw. Still, we were impressed when developers Will Farrington and Mike Skalnik had a working Safari 5 extension for Scout within 24 hours after Safari 5 extensions were announced. I pinged Will for the scoop: What does the ... Read more

Small Teams Need Redundant Skills

If you’re running a small company, it’s absolutely key that you have redundant skills on your team. Does that seem counter-intuitive? Isn’t the typical pairing a business guy and a technical guy ? In our experience, you’re far better off with two technical guys . The redundancy is key if ... Read more

Win a free Scout account at the Red Dirt Ruby Conference website

UPDATED 4/29 – We’ve got 5 winners! Answers inline… The Red Dirt Ruby Conference is hitting all of the things we like about regional Ruby conferences – a capped attendance, emerging technologies important to Ruby developers, great speakers, and plenty of opportunities to hack with other Ruby developers. We’re sponsoring ... Read more

Is your Rails app under-provisioned?

You maintain a growing Rails application and you’re seeing something peculiar. Sometimes when you use the application, it feels like the performance deteriorates significantly. However, all of your performance data shows no issues – requests in the Rails log file look speedy, CPU utilization is fine, database performance is solid, ... Read more

Monitoring Apache Request Processing Time

With a little help from the excellent Request Log Analyzer gem , created by those smart folks at RailsDoctors , the Apache Log Analyzer plugin now tracks the duration of Apache requests. Upgrading & Install If you already have the Apache Log Analyzer plugin installed, you’ll need to upgrade to ... Read more

Monitoring a Log File

A log file is a lot like a neglected board game covered in dust. I don’t play board games that often, but when I do, I always say “we should do this more often”. The log files we have for Scout collect lots of great information, but we only reference ... Read more

Memcached Monitoring

Jesse Newland of Rails Machine has created a Memcached monitor plugin to track all the key stats from your Memcached instance, including gets/ sets/ hits/ misses/ evictions/ per second, uptime, memory used, KB read per second, KB written per second, and more. Install the Memcached plugin from our directory , ... Read more

Why web developers have more to learn from Wall Street than Steve Jobs

In 2006, the biggest risk-taker on Wall Street looked like John Paulson . This certainly wasn’t based on Paulson’s past behavior. Paulson managed a middle-of-the pack hedge fund. He made careful, boring deals. He rode the bus and liked to ride his bicycle. In other words, he was the anti- ... Read more

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