Scout reviewed in French

If French suites you better than English (or you just like imagining yourself coding in a Paris coffee shop), Raphaël Emourgeon has penned a  review of Scout in French. Raphaël sums up Scout nicely: Après avoir installé un gem et ajouté une tâche cron sur le serveur à ... Read more

Solving the random Rails performance problem

Last week I uncovered a tricky performance problem on Scout I wanted to share. In seemingly random fashion, when accessing my account home page, the render time was 5-6 seconds – way too slow. Other times, the render time would be far less than a second. Here’s what I did ... Read more

What's in store for 2009 - beyond the numbers

2008 was a year full of numbers – 34% ( fall of the the Dow Jones Industrial Average ), $1.84B ( Apple iPhone revenue ), and $100M ( cost of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony ). But raw numbers are just the start – in 2009, our goal is to ... Read more

Say hey at Merb Day

Merb Day Atlanta – a “one-day, one-track conference for Ruby and Rails developers looking to learn Merb” – is this Saturday and Scout’s extremely proud to be one of its sponsors. Our own Charles Brian Quinn and Matt Todd will be there, taking in the sights, and Matt will also ... Read more

A simple Rails performance tuning workflow

I really like Dan Mange’s workflow for Rails performance tuning : Use curl for benchmarking. It’s good enough (and damn simple). Use the ruby-prof gem along with an optional request parameter so you can profile any action, any time. Dan also does a solid job explaining CPU time and what ... Read more

Scout Checks in on Passenger

The number one requested plugin for Scout has been a Phusion Passenger monitor. I’m happy to report that is now available. Using the new Passenger Monitor plugin , Scout can keep track of Passenger’s VM size, process count, and the amount of private memory it has squirreled away. Aside from ... Read more

Rails Consultancy Elevated Rails: "using Scout has been a real joy"

Ensuring 15 Rails apps are running smoothly can be a real chore, especially when they have core pieces that fall outside the typical monitoring stack. Mike Mangino of Chicago-based Elevated Rails recently wrote about consolidating his Rails monitoring efforts using Scout : This simple interface to reporting and alerting is ... Read more

4 Simple Steps to Detect & Fix Slow Rails Requests

2016 UPDATE : We’ve released Scout App Monitoring , which automates these steps for you. In Blink , Malcom Gladwell’s book on split-second decisions, Gladwell tells the story of how the Emergency Department at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital changed their process for diagnosing chest pain. Dr. Brendan Reilly instituted a ... Read more

Monitor MySQL queries with Scout

Robin Ward of Forumwarz has released a MySQL slow queries plugin for Scout that does exactly what you’d expect: sends an alert when a slow query is run. Derek Laptop"/> The alert contains the full query along with the query time: Alert"/> Note that you’ll need to enable slow query ... Read more

Meet our team at RailsConf

Charles, myself (Derek), and Andre are boarding a plan soon for RailsConf in Portland. If you want to do a little coding, chat about monitoring, etc. look for us there! Read more

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