Not seeing data?

1. Examine your log file for any lines that match Scout.

Look for:

[info] Setup ScoutApm.Watcher on ScoutApm.Store
[info] Setup ScoutApm.Watcher on ScoutApm.Config
[info] Setup ScoutApm.Watcher on ScoutApm.PersistentHistogram
[info] Setup ScoutApm.Watcher on ScoutApm.Logger
[info] Setup ScoutApm.Watcher on ScoutApm.Supervisor

If none of the above appears, ensure scout_apm was added as a dependency. See the first step in the Elixir install instructions.

2. Run mix scout.test_config in your terminal to check for any configuration issues

3. Is use ScoutApm.Instrumentation specified in every controller module you wish to instrument?

This step is frequently missed if you are using multiple controller modules. See the third step in the Elixir install instructions.

4. Still stuck? Email us.

The following process helps us resolve issues faster:

We typically respond within a couple of hours during the business day.


In some cases, debug level logs from the Elixir agent may not be enough, and trace level core-agent logs may be needed.